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Very impressed with dental office , everyone there is so friendly and professional. All the Drs and hygienist are extremely knowledgable and take their time to explain treatment and answer questions. This office is very fun, vibrant, and well maintained . I highly recommended this office .

Richard Mathura

A family atmosphere, and a friendly staff (that makes you 'actually' feel comfortable at the dentist), is the recipe for success, at Amores Dental. Not to mention, if you're lucky enough, your appointment might just be during afternoon cafecito time! If you're looking for a dentist, your search ends here!

Eduardo Cabrera

Awesome service and customer care. Staff was very courteous, kind and professional. I personally do not like to visit the dentist office, but their staff actually made it a pleasant experience.

Miguel Estevill
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The Denture Fountain of Youth®

Properly fitting dentures should give you the confidence you had with your natural smile. The Denture Fountain of Youth® can give you this confidence: the confidence of a youthful appearance and teeth that let you talk, eat, laugh, and smile knowing they are secure. There are three types of dentures: Economy dentures, Traditional dentures, and now introducing FOY Dentures®. This amazing breakthrough in denture technology not only improves the fit and function of your dentures, it prevents the sunken-in appearance common with dentures, taking years or even decades off your appearance. Traditional dentures are designed to fit in a mouth that sits still. Using neuromuscular dentistry, provides underlying facial support which plumps your lips, lessens wrinkles, helps fill your face out, and provides for a better fit and appearance. Patients absolutely love them, calling them the "fountain of youth" for denture wearers. FOY Dentures® are designed to support your face better than traditional dentures, which can make you look years younger.

Evenly distribute denture forces, which may reduce bone loss in the jaw
Reduce or eliminate denture pain
Improve fit for better speech, chewing, and smiling
Reduce jowls, folds, turkey neck, and other signs of aging
Eliminate sunken-in appearance caused by dentures

Why Choose The Denture Fountain of Youth®

When compared to traditional or economy dentures, which are attractive mainly due to their lower cost, The FOY® Dentures come with the benefit of a truly customized technique that allows the patient to continue eating foods that he or she loves, without the concern of dentures slipping or falling out, or feeling uncomfortable against the gums. In considering the cost of The FOY® Dentures vs. economy dentures, we encourage patients to weigh the long-term benefits of this alternative treatment.
Naturally, the teeth are connected to the jawbone by their roots. When the teeth are lost, the subsequent stimulation to the alveolar bone (the area of the jawbone that acts as the anchor for teeth) ceases, leading to the resorption of bone tissue. The timing of this process is different from person to person, but typically begins immediately after losing teeth.
One of the concerns with traditional dentures is that they are designed primarily for the replacement of teeth, not for the maintenance of the shape and function of the jawbone. This is why we see many denture wearers experiencing fit problems with dentures over their years of use.
The FOY® Dentures are designed to rest in part on the muscles of the mouth, providing not only a more reliable fit, but also an improved appearance, greater facial support, and continual stimulation to the jawbone so that resorption is slowed if not halted altogether.

We are pleased to be one of the few dental practices trained in this innovative restorative process. To improve your denture experience, contact us for your one-on-one consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you are considering dentures.

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