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Do You Need a Dentist in Palmetto Bay or Dadeland, Florida?

People who live in Palmetto Bay or Dadeland, FL have the opportunity to take in such sights as the Coral Reef Park, the Dadeland Mall, Tahiti Beach, or the Chapman Trail Dog Park every day, and to enjoy the advantages of living in a tropical paradise. However, even in paradise it's necessary to take good care of your oral health, so you don't develop issues that result in disease or tooth extraction. You need professional dentistry from Amores Dental to help maintain your teeth, to help straighten any misalignments, to restore any missing teeth, and to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry, if necessary.

What Types of Services Do We Offer?

One of the most important services we offer is regular professional teeth cleaning, because this is what removes nasty plaque and tartar from around your teeth and gum line. If left untreated, those things can cause cavities to form, and can break down your gums so you develop gingivitis or periodontitis, and these can lead to other serious health issues. Some people have misaligned teeth through no fault of their own, and we can help straighten these out through orthodontic dentistry. This will reposition your teeth so you have better oral functionality, and so your smile is much improved.

If you've already had one or more teeth removed for any reason, we can use restorative dentistry to replace them, either by installing a bridge, a crown, or dental implants that can provide a lifetime solution for a missing tooth. If you're unhappy with your smile for any reason, there are a number of cosmetic options we can provide for you, beginning with professional teeth whitening. We can also have dental veneers installed over your front teeth to give you a more dazzling white smile, and to cover up any kind of discoloration or other imperfection. When you develop a cavity, we can install a tooth-colored filling so it will be much less noticeable in your mouth, and so your self-confidence won't be diminished in any way.

Are You Overdue For Dental Care?

If you happen to live in nearby Glenvar Heights or one of the other surrounding neighborhoods, you'll know how great living in this area can be. You may have had the opportunity to use the Miami Executive Airport, or take advantage of the services offered at Baptist Hospital, or to just take a stroll through Evelyn Greer Park. In order to really enjoy living in this wonderful section of the country, you shouldn't have to worry about your oral health all the time. However, if it's been longer than six months since your last visit to the dentist, you could definitely be at risk of developing dental issues, and that means you should schedule an appointment with Amores Dental right away.

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