Snap-On Dentures

Implant Supported Snap-On Dentures

Snap On Implant Denture are also called implant overdentures. Unlike traditional dentures that rest on gums, our Snap-On Dentures, anchored by implant snaps to your gums, are removable, comfortable and provide stability and retention – preventing your dentures from sliding in your mouth and moving away from your gums.

We make your denture fit and function in harmony with the space available in your mouth, and give custom attention to the delicate fabrication of your snap-on denture.

How Do Snap-on Dentures / Implant Overdentures Work?

Two or more implant snaps can be used on the upper and/or lower jaw.
The use of denture snaps keep the denture stable, secure and comfortable.
These snaps are designed with different levels of retention, customized to the needs of the patient.

If you are an ideal candidate for implant overdentures, you will participate in the following multi-step treatment process:

If you already wear a conventional denture, client can sometimes use your denture to accommodate the snaps to fit on your new dental implants.

Benefits of Snap-on Dentures

If you are interested in learning more about improving your quality of life with an implant retained snap-on denture or partial, please contact us for a free consultation.

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