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Invisalign® First


Children often display early signs of jaw or orthodontic problems as they grow and develop.

Our goal is to help create the conditions that allow your child’s permanent teeth to erupt normally. We recommend early interceptive treatment before their permanent teeth are all in if we see the need. This lets us guide the development of their teeth and jaws for optimal results and helps avoid more extensive treatment later.

Invisalign® First has designed clear aligners with features specifically for younger patients who have a mixture of primary/baby and permanent teeth.

The Phase 1 treatment is an early interceptive orthodontic treatment for young patients, traditionally done through arch expanders, or partial metal braces, before all permanent teeth have erupted - typically at ages 6 through 10 years. Invisalign® First as an alternative treatment for widening the upper arch, specifically designed to target arch expansion which is the most common interceptive treatment for children.

Benefits of early screening and orthodontic treatment with Invisalign include:

Invisalign® First vs Fixed Appliances:

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