Immediate Dentures

Client understands that you can't leave the office without teeth. We will never let this happen.

Immediate (24 Hr.) Dentures

Client can offer the convenience of immediate dentures custom fit for you. Immediate dentures can be placed in the mouth directly after the remaining teeth are extracted. This is a solution for patients who do not want to be without any teeth for several months while extraction tooth sockets heal and a denture is fabricated.

The Advantages of Immediate Dentures:

  • You do not have the embarrassment of a toothless smile for several months while your gums are healing
  • Immediate dentures act as a bandage while bony tooth sockets are healing after tooth extractions. It helps reduce bleeding and protects the tissues at the sensitive extraction sites from irritation which might result from the tongue and food.
  • With immediate dentures you can chew better than you could without teeth during the normal waiting period for conventional dentures.
  • If left without dentures for any period of time, the cheeks may begin to fall in.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you are considering dentures.

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