Athletic Mouth Guards


Under Armour® Athletic Mouth Guards

Under Armour Armer ArmourBite contact Mouth GuardIf you are involved in contact sports and want to protect your teeth from sports related impact damage, you should be wearing a custom fitted mouth guard. Under Armour® mouth guards are custom fitted and are made of soft plastics. They should be worn during contact sports like football and hockey or while skateboarding and snowboarding where there is a high risk of impact from a fall or wipeout.

Each Under Armour® mouthguard is custom molded to your bite by client. The process only takes two visits: One visit to take your bite impression and the second visit to make sure it fits properly.

Whether your teeth are exposed to elbows, pavement or other teeth, Under Armour® Athletic Mouth Guards can protect your smile from damage. Contact us to schedule an appointment

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