Biofilm Management with Airflow

Biofilm Management with Airflow Polishing Hygiene and Cleaning Treatment (by Hu-Friedy) is a hygiene treatment that effectively removes stains on the front and back of teeth. The procedure works by using a fine jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles to remove staining caused by coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco and some mouthwashes. The treatment is given in the least invasive way, with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency.

Magnification Loupes

A Magnification Loupes, a simple, small magnification device used to see small details more closely, allows the dentist to see fine details that would go unnoticed to the naked eye. A better and enlarged view of the treatment site automatically results in more precise dental work. Dentists are better able to see the shapes that they are carving or preparing in the natural teeth as well as in the final restorations which they are providing for their patients. Perhaps even more importantly, dentists are better able to make more accurate and complete diagnoses of what is occurring in each patient’s mouth.

Ultrasonic Scaling

The Cavitron® Ultrasonic Scaler is a dental hygiene tool that uses high frequency sound waves to disinfect and clean teeth. The state of the art instrument has proven to be a very successful tool in removing tartar from both above and below the gumline. Instead of scaling the teeth with bulky hand scalers, the Cavitron® Ultrasonic Scaler uses oscillating sound waves to gently vibrate the tartar away from your teeth. It is so gentle that it can even be used for deep cleaning and gum therapy without the need for anesthesia. It is a safe effective and painless alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Dental Microscope

The Seiler dental microscope greatly improves the dentist’s ability to see even the tiniest details inside a patient's tooth. It magnifies vision up to 25 times that of the naked eye and is useful in both diagnosis and treatment.

It is an invaluable tool in endodontic treatment. The root canal procedure takes place in a very small area of the tooth where precise accuracy is necessary to navigate though the intricate roots and canals. Missed canals often mean unresolved infections, which may mean a repeat of the procedure.

Comfort Control™ Syringe PAIN-FREE INJECTIONS

Needle fears keep many people away from the dentist. Postponing dental procedures because of these fears is common, but ultimately results in worsening problems and other serious oral health concerns. The Comfort Control Syringe is a pain free alternative to traditional anesthetic needles and syringes. It lets us administer injections with little or no discomfort to our patients, since the flow and volume of anesthetic are delivered slowly, below the pain threshold. The system even places a drop of anesthetic at the site of injection, prior to needle insertion, preparing an anesthetic pathway.

This electronic pre-programmed anesthetic delivery device uses a two-stage delivery rate. The injection begins at an extremely slow rate to counter the initial pain usually associated with an injection. A digital panel displays the rate, elapsed time and amount of anesthetic delivered.

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