Denture Stabilization

Many people have reached the conclusion that wearing dentures is simply not appealing to them, because of the way dentures can slip and move around in your mouth. This can cause a great deal of embarrassment when speaking or when eating, and it can get to the point where it's problematic. However, nowadays there is a solution to this problem, because denture stabilization can be used to anchor dentures solidly in place.

Denture stabilization calls for implants to be inserted in the patient's mouth, and the dentures would be attached to these implants, so that no movement inside the mouth is possible. It's an added bonus that installing these implants also helps to avoid loss of bone tissue for the patient. Once implants have been installed, you'll have a permanent solution to missing teeth, although the dentures themselves can still be removed at night for cleaning. Denture stabilization is a terrific alternative for dental patients who have had a full set of upper or lower teeth removed, and wish to avoid the potential slippage generally associated with conventional dentures.

How Does it Work?

iStock-smiling-lady-2Denture stabilization is accomplished by having implants inserted into the jawbone, and then attaching dentures to those implants. Conventional dentures merely sit on top of the gums, and are not anchored to the mouth in any way. Even though patients may have lost all of their upper or lower teeth, they should still have enough jawbone material to accommodate any necessary implants.

Since dentures are then firmly rooted into the mouth, there's no opportunity for them to slip around and cause inconvenience or embarrassment. In some cases, dentures are held in place by using attachments which get clipped onto the implants, and these are the ones which can be removed when necessary. When a patient opts to have a fixed crown or bridgework installed to achieve a more permanent outcome, these dentures cannot be removed, and must be cleaned using normal dental hygiene methods while in place.

Types of Stabilized Dentures

There are two basic types of denture stabilizations, those being bar-retained dentures and ball-retained dentures. Ball-retained dentures are sometimes referred to as stud-attachment dentures, and with these, the jawbone implants are equipped with metal attachments that fit onto the denture attachments. The implant attachments are ball-shaped, while the denture attachments look much more like sockets, which means that the ball can be snugly fit inside the socket.

In the case of bar-retained dentures, it will be necessary to install between two and five implants into the jawbone. All of the implants are attached by a metal bar which curves completely around the jawbone, and the denture is placed over the bar. The implants or the dentures may both have attachments on them, and these will serve to hold the entire device together.

Benefits of Denture Stabilization

There are a number of real advantages to undergoing denture stabilization, including all of the following:

  • They provide a permanent solution for missing teeth
  • They're much more comfortable than traditional dentures would be
  • They're easier to speak with, since they don't move around inside your mouth
  • There is less gum infection and mouth sores with stabilized dentures
  • You'll be able to chew food better and enjoy improved digestion
  • They are much easier to clean, and act very much like normal teeth.
  • How much do denture stabilization implants cost?

Generally speaking, the cost for an implant-supported lower denture which requires between four and six implants will range anywhere from $2000 to $5000. If full-sized implants were to be used to stabilize a full denture, that might cause considerably more, and in fact could be as expensive as $12,000 on up to $30,000.

Costs will vary according to a number of different factors, such as your geographic location in the country, any preparatory work which might be needed before installing dentures, and the level of expertise of your oral surgeon. You may also be able to have some portion of the cost paid for by your dental insurance carrier, so you should always check with your insurance company before proceeding with denture stabilization.

Bring Balance to Your Smile with Denture Stabilization. Contact us Today!

If you have worn dentures in the past, you are probably well aware of some of the inconveniences which are associated with them. You may have had difficulty chewing your food and experiencing normal digestion, or you may have had difficulty speaking because your dentures were slipping around inside your mouth. You can avoid all these hassles by undergoing denture stabilization which will solidly anchor your dentures in place.

When your dentures are attached to implants that have fused with your jawbone, there will be no slippage whatsoever inside your mouth, and you will be able to have full confidence in your smile, your speaking ability, and your chewing and biting capabilities. Contact us at Amores Dental today, so we can examine your mouth and determine if you're a good candidate for denture stabilization.


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I always have a pleasant experience when I come - in all aspects of service! Staff is very helpful and the techs and Doctors always do a great job! Very professional, friendly and clean office! Fergie and Rosemary are always on the lookout to help you in any way they can, super helpful and sweet!
—Joanna C.
Awesome service and customer care. Staff was very courteous, kind and professional. I personally do not like to visit the dentist office, but their staff actually made it a pleasant experience.
—Miguel Estevill
A family atmosphere, and a friendly staff (that makes you 'actually' feel comfortable at the dentist), is the recipe for success, at Amores Dental. Not to mention, if you're lucky enough, your appointment might just be during afternoon cafecito time! If you're looking for a dentist, your search ends here!
—Eduardo Cabrera
Went in for a root canal and like a typical guy I was scared lol, but just from walking thru the front door felt better, place is very clean and inviting, entire staff is joyful, friendly, helpful, professional and knowledgeable, everything was on time and smooth, and then Dr. Amores exceeded all expectations, he thouroughly checked me for best solution, clearly explained options and procedures, then came the actual work and it was pain free during and after, I really felt cared for the entire time, I highly recommend for all your dental needs. Very happy and thankful!
—Hugo Bosque
Very impressed with dental office , everyone there is so friendly and professional. All the Drs and hygienist are extremely knowledgable and take their time to explain treatment and answer questions. This office is very fun, vibrant, and well maintained . I highly recommended this office .
—Richard Mathura
The doctors and staff at Amores Dental are always professional and pleasant. Could not ask for a better dental experience! Highly recommend to everyone.
—Erin Potosme
Best in Miami. The office staff is super amazing and friendly! Don't hesitate and GO.
—Alex Diaz
Love this dentist office got me over my fear of the dentist and always experiencing pain. They are always courteous and the staff always has a smile on their face. By far a loyal patient ?
—Idalia Calderon
They are very professional and courteous. All procedures are explained in detail. Their staff is very friendly. They send you emails and text to remind you about your appointment. All personal information and is done electronically and they are very family-oriented.
—Kevin Grant
I got a semi annual cleaning yesterday. As always everyone there is very professional and helpful; as well as concerned that I am OK with the cleaning session. I highly recommend them. I've had other dental procedures done and am thoroughly satisfied.
Amores Dental Care is a caring family oriented office filled with excellent service and paramount experience. Doctor Amores & Dr Martinez are very professional and treat every patient with personal attention and care. My experience was a total family atmosphere from the entire staff.
—Bob Alonso
This place has changed our lives. I can FINALLY say I enjoy going to the dentist. My husband and I are so happy with Amores Dental Care. They genuinely care about both of us and really make sure we do our homework (brushing and flossing). This NEEDS TO BE EVERYONE'S DENTAL SPOT.
Dr Amores and Dr Martinez are the best. Hygienist Helen does great cleanings. Front reception is also very nice. Family owned business.
—Jorge Alfonso
As a new patient I was very impressed by how nice everyone is. I could feel how they truly care about the patients and are thankful that they work there. As a small business owner I strive to have this type of internal atmosphere and know it's nurtured by the people at the top. In this case Drs. Dennis Amores and Jennifer Martinez-Amores. My procedures went well and I too am thankful to be apart of Amores Dental Care.
—Kethe Cicconi
I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Amores Dental. They make you feel very comfortable and do a fantastic job. I have always been nervous with going to the dentist but they make it easy to deal with.
—Maria Hernandez
My hygienist is Maritza. She is outstanding! She is thoroughly professional and personable as well. I am a coffee drinker. Her between visit advise proved very helpful in reducing stains. She observes every little detail in your mouth. A few days before my visit I ate some almonds that scratched my gum above my back teeth. She asked me what I recently ate that could have made the scratch and gave me recommendations to heal it. I felt so cared for! Currently in Miami that level of Customer Service is extremely difficult to find.
—Michael Fields
What a wonderful Dental team !!! I actually look forward to seeing the knowledgeable and caring staff - from the front desk to the dental chair, to check out !!! You won't be disappointed here !
—Donna Wade
Amores Dental is the nicest dental office I've ever been to. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They are quite respectful of your appointment times. I have never waited more than 10 minutes to be called in. Dr. Amores has been very professional and informative every time I've seen him. Whether it's cleanings or dentistry, I highly recommend Amores Dental to all!!
—Jeff Almodovar
Always a great experience. The entire staff is very professional and courteous.
—Maria A. Pereira
Best staff! After a life time of "dental-phobia", I found a dental practice I am comfortable with. I've been coming here for the past 7 years and have never had a negative experience. My children absolutely love the hygienist and are always excited for their next visit! They genuinely care about everyone they serve. Everyone is pleasant and respectful, never rude or in a rush. Even when my insurance changes and I have no coverage, I still come here. They are like family! This super duo (husband and wife) are truly doing something right!
—Denise Ramos
Absolutely wonderful. Been using this dentist for two years now, both uninsured and insured; very reasonable pricing, respectful and feels like a family.
—Lawrence Crisler
Highly recommend Amores Dental! I’ve been going here for a couple months and I love it. The staff (dentists, hygienists, AND front desk) is always kind and pleasant. They are all very skilled and do their job well. I had a difficult case with a very old, cracked filling. They took their time to properly fix it and truly provide quality care. They also follow-up with patients and provide care in a timely fashion. Two thumbs up!
—Katelin Strobel
Very nice staff. They explained all options on procedures that can be done for me. Very good at calming my nerves down.
—Naiviv Rodriguez
Am not big on going to the dentist and every other dentist office i have been to is always the same you feel like a number, and feel like you are having procedures done for no reason but since ive been coming here i feel like family. Like am a cousin from the minute you walk in the girls in the front make you feel welcome and important.Joelle is great with working around my schedule and making sure i know whats going on with the hygienist.They are great i normally have Jennifer she great she like the micheal jordan of cleaning teeth she is great with letting you know whats going on.Nena is also great and making you feel comfortable. Dr martinez and Dr. amores are great and there are no better doctors and everything they do for the community like free work for the less fortunate. I would give them more the 5 stars if i could.
—Luis Llanes
The Amores have taken the fear of dental work out of me and my children! They all have a special touch with kids and adults...looking for family dental care, if you go you won't be disappointed!
—Tracy S.
As a new patient I was very impressed by how nice everyone is. I could feel how they truly care about the patients and are thankful that they work there. As a small business owner I strive to have this type of internal atmosphere and know it's nurtured by the people at the top. In this case Drs. Dennis Amores and Jennifer Martinez-Amores. My procedures went well and I too am thankful to be apart of Amores Dental Care.
—Kethe C.
I'm so glad that I found this dentist. My previous dentist had retired and Amores Dental was recommended highly by a few friends of mine. From the moment I walked in I felt like I was at home. The staff was courteous and friendly. They helped me in filing out all the paperwork. I went in for a cleaning and a general checkup The hygienist was top notch and I was extremely happy with the cleaning. The dentist was super nice and went over a few things they found that needed my attention. There was never any pressure for me to do anything ... they simply laid out all the options and gave me a few tips / suggestions on what to do next.. So overall I was very happy with my experience.... My only regret is that I wish I had found them earlier... I highly recommend to anyone to visit them.
—Cris C.
I had a great experience. Helena cleaned my teeth, and she did a great job. She made me feel comfortable and she was very thorough. Not only did she check my teeth, Dr. Amores also came in and checked as well and gave me a consultation. Helena and Dr. Amores discussed my concerns about straightening my teeth, and they even booked me an appointment for my next visit right afterwards with no issues. The ladies at the front desk were so nice, over the phone, as well as face to face. I would say this dental office has great customer service. It's clean, they are very professional, and experienced as well. I will be coming here again soon!
—Adriana H.
Am not big on going to the dentist and every other dentist office i have been to is always the same you feel like a number, and feel like you are having procedures done for no reason but since ive been coming here i feel like family. Like am a cousin from the minute you walk in the girls in the front make you feel welcome and important.Joelle is great with working around my schedule and making sure i know whats going on with the hygienist.They are great i normally have Jennifer she great she like the micheal jordan of cleaning teeth she is great with letting you know whats going on.Nena is also great and making you feel comfortable. Dr martinez and Dr. amores are great and there are no better doctors and everything they do for the community like free work for the less fortunate. I would give them more the 5 stars if i could.
—Luis L.
Dr Martinez-Amores was so amazing with my 3 yr old son on his first visit. She took her time, made it really fun and built a relationship with him before even beginning. He loved the fun toy box at the end too!
—Melissa C.
I hope this practice never closes, or I don't know what will become of my teeth. I came to them as a patient who hadn't been to the dentist in more years than I am ready to admit. They worked this into my care and helped me to relax and not be fearful of procedures. I've had my wisdom teeth extracted, and major cleaning done and I don't leave with my mouth abused or in any kind of pain. Maybe my favorite aspect of the practice is that it's really about care in every aspect of the word. If you do not have insurance, they help you budget for procedures, and have a very low flat fee to be seen. You are spoken to with respect and enthusiasm. I get a birthday card every year and if I do too many cancellations, I get a call to check in and get a friendly reminder about how important it is to maintain my progress. Every single member of the staff is top often can you say you hug your hygienist, when you see her?!
—Kamalah F.
Dr. Rivera and Barbara her assistant treated my feisty 90 year old aunt with great patience and kindness. Even my aunt was pleased when she left, which is not an easy accomplishment! I have personally seen and recommended Dr. Amores for years. I am happy to see that they continue to expand with quality professionals.
—Sandra B.
I have been a patient for over 5 years and I have to say, always amazed! My appointment was for a teeth cleaning. WOW, WOW AMAZING Hygienist Albert.... First and foremost he created a very relaxing ambiance (low lighting with soothing background music). Professional, thorough exam, excellent cleaning like no other. Once again, WOW, WOW!!! All of Amores Dental Hygienist are fantastic. I have to say THE ENTIRE OFFICE STAFF along with DR. Martinez & Dr. Amores are truly professional and amazing dentists.
—Brenda R.
As a new patient I can say that everything good you have read or heard about Amores Dental is true. I am always in search of drs who have both great "bedside manner" and talent. It a rare find these days. This office has both. You can tell right away that this office is a team. I received excellent service from the office staff, hygienists, and Dentist. I'm so happy I found Amores!
—Kristen G.
I have been going to amores dental for about a year and a half and nothing but amazing things about this office every time I go Both dentist Dr. amores and Dr Martinez amores are amazing they always treat you like family make you feel so comfortable no matter if I'm doing a simple cosmetic oral procedure. They take their time to explain everything and any questions you have you defiantly get an answer to. They show you the proper and correct way to take care of your teeth. Can't thank them enough for the beautiful smile I have now look forward to going to the dentist every 6 months now Thank you to the Amores-Martinez team and keep up the amazing work.
—Christian C.
I've been coming here for over a decade & have visited dentist offices from coast to coast and none have been able to compare to the quality of service and staff I've found here. From removing my wisdom teeth, fillings, the entire Invisalign process, correcting my embarrassing chipped front teeth, cleaning treatments, etc. - I haven't ran into an issue or complaint yet. The hygienist, Albert, is awesome too. My teeth & I are forever grateful for Amores!
—Crystal F.
Dr Amores and Dr Martinez are an amazing Couple , I had the pleasure to work with them and I can say they do really nice job and they really have passion for Dentistry. in fact the complete staff is very friendly .
—Gina Gisselle
It's been a while since I've gone to the dentist. Just thinking of going to the dentist makes me nervous, especially since it's been a long time coming. I decided to go on Yelp and find a good dentist in my area. I am so glad I bumped into Amores Dental Care, while doing my research. Just reading the rave reviews I had to go and get my teeth checked with them. I made sure they took my insurance and surely enough they did. As a new patient, I was not disappointed at all. Great experience overall. Dr. Amores and his staff are kind and professional. Great customer care on their end, no doubt. The hygienist Albert was awesome. He makes you understand thoroughly on the procedures that will be done. I got a deep cleaning with him and he puts on relaxing music to alleviate any nervousness you might feel. And surely I was nervous but with his assurance everything came out smoothly. I am glad I found this place and now I can officially say I am no longer scared of going to the dentist lol. Highly recommend to everyone.
—Daphne A.
My husband has been going to this office for years. I am not a fan of dentists and have stayed away for years. I had to have a tooth extracted and they got me in quicker than ANY dentists I could find in like a 20 mile radius. I had the most positive experience with all the staff from the first phone call until I walked out the door from my appointment. All of the staff is very friendly, Dr. Rivera has an AWESOME bedside manner from start to finish. The entire time she was working on me she asked me how I was doing, if I had any pain, if I needed anything. Most dental offices I had been to in the past were all about selling me x,y, and z. They actually made me feel like they cared about me and focused on the health of my teeth. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone needing a dentist!
—Amanda A.
This is the best professional dental care you could possibly get. Dr. Jennifer Martinez-Amores is one of a kind. She is infinitely patient and efficiently took care of my hubby and son. I'm coming back for me. Love the staff too!
—Ferchie Sanchez Covas
Originally got recommended to this dentist office and was not disappointed! The hygienists and orthodontist are excellent and very informative with any questions I have for them. Can't thank them enough for all they do to take care of my teeth.
—Freler Castillo
Amores Dental Care really does feel like 'family'. For an apprehensive patient, like myself, that extra care has really made a difference! I am no longer fearful, and believe it or not, really enjoy going to the dentist. crazy, right? 5 stars and more!!
—Patty Almodovar
I really enjoyed my visit to the dentist. I haven't been in years but I must say it was an amazing experience. Everyone there treats you like family and they also take their time explaining what they will do before they start and thru the process. I have a lot more work to be done but I trust that I'm in the right hands! ?Thanks Amores
—O'shea Bell
Great and amazing service always come to get my services all the time
—Beatriz Dominguez
Our two kiddos began at Amores Dental Care almost 2 years ago. We were looking for a dentist and orthodontist at the same time. Win/win!!! They had both...I can tell you my kids do not know what a "shot" in the mouth is! Both Dr. Amores and specifically Dr. Martinez who has performed extractions for both kids during their brace phase has a "special" gift! She is unbelievable and before they knew it - they were done and shocked at how easy it was! Take a look at the smiles...thank you to you and your staff (who are AS equally loved)!
—Tracy Smith-Cardwell
After going here I will never go anywhere else! I was terrified of going to the dentist but all the staff were patient with me and explained every step of the way even held my hand when I needed it!
—Veronica Rosado
Our whole family has been going here for years! The staff here is awesome! They really know how to take care of their patients.
—Michael C

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Invisalign vs. Braces

When you need orthodontic work to straighten your teeth, you'll need to decide whether to opt for conventional braces or to go with the more modern Invisalign system of aligners. Both systems are very effective, and can be used for most dental patients, so your decision will probably come down to appreciating one or more of the advantages offered by each. Below there is a comparison of the two teeth-straightening methods, and this information may help you come to a decision about which will be more useful and more appealing to you personally.

The Advantages of Invisalign

  • Invisalign looks better

    • over the years, a certain stigma has been attached to wearing metal braces, and young people especially can be subjected to criticism and ridicule for wearing them. Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, and that means they are not easily detected. Even if fellow students do notice them, they are far less obtrusive than the metal braces which are easily visible in your mouth.
  • Removing the aligners for eating

    • it can definitely be a hassle when eating with braces, but Invisalign aligners don't have this problem, because they can be taken out for meals. They can also be removed for brushing and flossing your teeth afterward, so it's much easier to keep your teeth clean and white when you have Invisalign installed. The only caveat to this is that the aligners should be kept in your mouth for around 22 hours each day, so that straightening can be accomplished.
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth is easier

    • when you're wearing metal braces, they cannot be removed for brushing or flossing, and that means there are certain spots on your teeth which can't be reached. This problem is completely avoided by Invisalign, because the aligners can be taken out for brushing and flossing, so teeth can be kept clean more easily.
  • Comfortable to wear Invisalign

    • wearing Invisalign aligners is much more comfortable than wearing braces, because the braces are accompanied by metal wires, rubber bands, and the metal of the braces themselves. Wearing Invisalign is more like wearing a sports mouth guard, which fits snugly over your teeth to protect them.

Invisalign Disadvantages

  • Not for everyone

    • there are some situations where Invisalign cannot be used for some patients, for instance when there is severe tooth disruption and major straightening is needed.
  • Dedication is needed

    • because they can be removed, there is a definite possibility that patients may not stick to the required 22-hour regimen, and will leave their aligners out for longer periods of time. When this happens, it leads to a longer time of correction being needed, and that could add months on to the time they must be in place.
  • Possibility of losing them

    • since they are removable, aligners can be lost. If you're the type of person who typically doesn't keep track of belongings, it is very possible that your aligners can be misplaced or lost.

The Advantages of Braces

  • Possible to achieve a perfect result

    • braces can be used in almost all situations because they have the power and strength to bring about effective straightening even when severe cases are encountered.
  • Multiple types of braces to choose from

    • a number of different types of braces can be chosen by an individual, including metal, ceramic, or lingual braces. The best choice for you will depend on the amount of correction needed, financial concerns, and personal preference.
  • Faster treatment time

    • since metal braces must be left in place 24 hours each day, there is a possibility that less time will be needed to accomplish any teeth-straightening necessary.

The Disadvantages of Braces

  • Plaque buildup

    • since they must remain in place at all times, metal braces can cause plaque to build up underneath them, and this will call for extra attention from the patient.
  • Food choices

    • it will be necessary to avoid sticky foods, or those which can become trapped beneath your braces, because brushing them may be inadequate once you've already gotten foodstuffs stuck in the braces.
  • Potential discomfort

    • metal braces often cause some level of discomfort to the wearer, especially at the beginning of the treatment, when teeth are typically more sensitive.
  • Teasing

    • young people wearing metal braces are often subjected to uncomfortable teasing and ridicule by their peers, and this can be difficult to deal with.

Making the Right Decision on Your Treatment Method

Making the right choice may come down to cost, it might be comfort, or it might be a matter of trying to accomplish teeth-straightening in the fastest possible manner. It's usually best to have a conversation with your orthodontist, and let him/her know what your priorities are. Then your dental professional can offer some insights and recommendations on which method might best suit your needs.

Contact Us Today

If you're uncertain about which teeth-straightening method to choose, contact us at Amores Dental today. We'll be glad to arrange for a consultation and review the pros and cons of each system, so you can make the most informed decision possible.


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